Thursday, April 3, 2008


Saw 21 tonight and it was a very enjoyable movie. Gotta love the nerd name-dropping, for example: the Monty Hall problem, Jedi mind tricks, self-aware robotics, Cauchy, Newton, and of course Kate Bosworth. If you enjoyed Ocean's 11 but thought that instead Danny Ocean should've been a much bigger asshole, you'll like 21. Definitely makes Vegas a lot more appealing, especially the FOXX club, which sadly, according to a quick Google search, does not exist.

Plus, I also learned that the original MIT Blackjack team was mostly Asian, which gives me hope that one day I too can have Laurence Fishburne kick my ass. Speaking of whom, it's a real mindfuck seeing him in Apocalypse Now.

And now for some good news:

AT LAST, one of the world's worst rulers may be on his way out. As The Economist went to press, Robert Mugabe was hanging on by his fingertips.

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